MBFWB AW 2014 Mads Dinesen

With his collection Smoke-clad Warrior Mads Dinesen took a stand on current events like the resistance aigainst the oppression of LGTB individuals and organisations in Russia. And did he make one...
From the second I saw the blood stained press-release I knew I was in for something different than the usual fashion show. The models were heavily hooded and equipped with banners and flags, their boots were smeared with mood while live performer Jullie Hjetland accompanied them with her striking sound.
The mood was rather dramatic and honestly I almost expected someone to throw a rock and start a revolution on the runway.
Have a look at the pictures, I think the choice and processing of fabrics and colors speak for themselves. Only thing left to say: Choose your battles! Fight the fight!


  1. love the new look of your blog!
    great pics! keep up the good job!


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