Rike Feuerstein MBFWB AW 2014

Rike Feuerstein is one of the few remaining designers that know the art of hat making in Berlin, her label combines old craftsmanship with contemporary trends.
I personally love her style and I could imagine ten different shootings only by looking at her hats. So, on Thursday we migrated to her shop in Mitte to see her first show on the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. As it turned out, we couldn't enter the store, but had to stay outside while the models were walking a small (but warm!) catwalk inside. Despite the patio heater and the hot wine punch we were served, my feet were two ice blocks after only ten minutes.
As soon as the music started, I realized the run was as badly planned as the location; the models didn't know where to walk, to look, or where to put their hands. It seems nobody had instructed them clearly what to do. But still, they looked very cute and the hats were amazing! Luckily, it was a quite small collection and as soon as the models had disappeared in the changing room, we could get inside and warm up a little.
After all this rather chaotic display, I must say, I like what I saw. So for next show a little less improvisation, a little more organization and you got this thing nailed, Rike!


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