How To Get Gorgeous Hair Until Summer

My biggest wish is long and healthy looking hair. I’ve been changing my hairstyles since I was a teenager; short, long, curly, straight, bleached, dyed… I love to try out new things and this summer I want to have a natural long hippie wave like in the 70ies. I think the last time I had really long natural hair was when I was twelve. I know I can’t change nature and my hair will only grow a few more inches until summer, but I still want to try to make my hair healthier, stronger and shiny.
Since I am not alone in this quest, I thought I might as well share the information I gathered so far.

Trim Now
If you have dry or split ends, the best thing is to get a trim now. I know it’s hard to chop of an inch or two when you want to get your hair longer but it is actually for the best. You don’t have to cut them every 6 weeks like a lot of blogs suggest, but 2-3 times a year is acceptable and I think now is the right time. 

Avoid Heat
If you want healthy hair, you should avoid applying heat at all costs. This means  setting your blow dryer to cool, no more straightening or curling with a hot iron, but also you should moderate the temperature of your shower water. The best is really letting the hair air dry, but I understand not everybody has the time for that, just do it whenever you can, leaving out the blow dryer once a week is already a good start. If you do have to straighten or curl your hair, always use minimal heat and protection products.

Go Low-Poo or No-Poo
This is something that I pick up as an American trend (who else would come up with such a ridiculous term) but the message behind it is quite clear and reasonable.
Going low-poo means only using shampoo that is free of silicone, sulfates, parabens, synthetic color or scent and no animal byproducts, which leads us to –right- organic brands. In Germany there are so many good brands for affordable prices on the market like Lavera, Alverde, Alterra and Sante, just check your local Rossmann or DM. L’Oréal claims to have an organic and vegan line called EverPure, but honestly- I don’t trust them.
Going no-poo goes a step further by stopping using shampoo at all. That does not mean you won’t be washing your hair at all, but you will wash it as rarely as possible (for instance once a week) with baking soda and use apple cider vinegar as conditioner. This method is supposed to be the sh*t for thick and shiny hair.
Right now I am transitioning to low-poo and maybe soon to no-poo. I’ll keep you posted on that anyway.

Eat Healthy 
Eating healthy is a big part of how your skin and hair will look. It is important to get all the vitamins and proteins your body needs in order to make you look better as well. Important elements for your scalp are Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, E, Biotin, zinc and cysteine, so make sure you get those with your nutrition. Blueberries, spinach, kiwis, tomatoes, walnuts, soy yoghurt and even dark chocolate (with at least 60% cacao) are known as Superfoods for gorgeous hair and skin.


Be Gentle
Being nice to your hair is one of the best things you can to in order to get it healthy again. Not only should you stop bleaching and dying, but also take in these tips: 
*Never brush your hair while it’s wet. Wet hair is weak and brushing it can cause stretching and breaking of the fiber. If you have to, go through it with a wooden comb. 
*Don’t rub, squeeze or wring out your wet hair. Simply pat it dry, apply your aftercare, and let air-dry. 
*Don’t use sharp objects like hair pins, clips or elastic ribbons with a metal connection part. It will help prevent split ends. 
*Use a natural bristle brush before going to bed, to get rid of styling products, dust and to redistribute the sebum from your scalp through your lengths, which will make them shiny.
*Buy a Satin cushion cover for your bed because cotton covers tend to draw out the humidity out your hair.

And for the ultimate 70ies feeling this summer <3


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