The Winter To Do List

In Berlin we already have sunshine, temperature over zero and several plants are shooting up...
But I have the sneaky feeling that winter will strike back, with freezing temperatures and snowstorms. If that is the case, feel free to seek inspiration in my winter to do list.
Or use it for Valentine's Day tomorrow.

  1. paint your apartment
  2. take a Pilates class
  3. book a massage
  4. have a sleepover with your friends
  5. watch old disney movies
  6. bake
  7. make cake-pops and decorate them
  8. paint, draw, sew, make!
  9. imagine what you want to wear in spring, then go look for these outfits
  10. go ice-skating on a lake
  11. scratch little hearts in frozen window shields
  12. go to the sauna
  13. sit outside if the sun comes out
  14. go to that exposition you've always wanted to go to
  15. organize your bookshelf by color
  16. organize your wardrobe by color 
  17. have a dress-up party with your friends where you try on and toss out old outfits! (be sure to have a lot of champagne)
  18. visit a city you never been to
  19. go to the cinema in the middle of the day
  20. don't feel bad if you are not going out as much! 
  21. make plans what kind of spices and flowers you want to seed in spring
  22. make friends with your neighbors, invite them for a beer or dinner
  23. go to a foreign market, try food, buy spices and ornaments, it will feel like a little trip to somewhere else
  24. try new recipes
  25. go to a new restaurant
  26. make your own chocolate
  27. have a silly sunday, dress up and take pictures
  28. do something you have never done before


  1. hi rosi!

    thanks for coming by my blog :) yeah, i changed it a little bit. still tweaking a few minor things, and adding some stuff, but it's coming along! i plan on posting for the long haul, we'll see, haha!

    yours looks good! pretty background. there are a lot of things on this list that i want to do! definitely painting my apartment! i've been baking every few days, so that is definitely on the list, too, lol!
    good luck with it :) talk to you soon!


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