Discover: George Styler

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George Styler

March 1, 2014
Serbian designer George Styler debuted in 2012 at the Dutch Fashionclash festival with a knitwear collection that mixed punk and Balkan elements. With knitwear as a continued focus for his creation, Styler consolidated his success at the Fashion Scout showcase at the recent London Fashion Week with his NetWork collec­tion, a colorful and multicultural work playing with the idea of networks created as much from knitting as through social interaction.
Incorpo­rating a traditional Western Serbian technique of hand knitting into his contemporary designs, Styler presented vibrant, glittering outfits with spectacular headpieces created by Ucha Hair. You’ve got to love the fresh and ambitious – if not revolutionary – looks that new designers bring to fashion; they seem less concerned with commercial success, making them all the more inspiring. Styler is worth keeping an eye on.


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